About Us

We create designs that are at the crossroads of business & art.

Creating amazing businesses with the power of technology and communicable design for the most amazing brands ranging from fintech, edtech, adtech, agritech, and D2C brands to new age concepts such as web3, NFT, and gaming.

We are proud ourselves to be masters in experience designing, identity development, product strategy, branding, user experience design, user interface design, and technology development.

We are a team of many great folks who live and breathe design, and who are most importantly fond of creating the best user experience design and user interface design, which has led us to serve more than 80 established brands as well as startups in creating their business through the use of great UX applications.

In today’s digital era- where everything is perceived through the lens of your digital footprint, we know and support the greatest innovation by bringing them the greatest UX solutions possible.

How we do it

  • Listening

    The first step in creating any great design is to really listen to the client, what they want, who is the end consumer, how are they going to interact with the client and every possible question regarding “what the client want”.

  • Analyzing

    After we have outlined the client’s need, we start to analyze the project, the details, and the nooks on which the design is to be created, we follow a deep, step-by-step industry+brand research which puts us in a position to deliver the best user experience possible.

  • Problem statements

    Every great brand design is formed in order to solve a definitive problem, we understand the root of the problem that the brand is trying to address and make junction the problem with the design.

  • Ideation

    Now starts the ideation process, the old school letter scribbling, creating just great art, and answering questions such as “how would the product look”, and “how to reach there, the tools, resources, and timelines.

  • Prototype

    You must have heard- any great art isn’t the first draft created, we create a prototype that is on the line of above mentioned specific details and try to come as close as the plan intended.

  • Reviewing

    Along the lines of the prototype shared, we collect reviews, ask questions and try to get a more cleared view of the final piece. Getting clear feedback is so important in creating an amazing user experience.

  • Delivery

    The last step is the final delivery of a great product that is on the par with best UX persona and the client’s industry.

  • Customer touch

    We believe great customer service is not just about delivering a great product/service but also providing support and 24x7 help to answer all our customer's questions. So, you know- we are always here to answer all your questions.